About Graeme

Graeme is an ex-British Paratrooper who not only served in Northern
Ireland and the Gulf, but also spent four years in Bosnia during the war, as an Aid Worker. Here, he also co-filmed the award-winning documentary, ‘Miss Sarajevo’, with his good friend Bill Carter.

After working in Africa as an Overland Expedition Leader, he then spent five years as a Paramedic on the streets of Britain.

Since immigrating to Australia and volunteering as a Lifeline counsellor, he presently lives in Cairns where he now works in the Mental Health and disability sector, along with running his own video production company.

Having lived experience of PTSD, including full recovery, Graeme’s passion now lies in raising awareness and teaching PTSD recovery.

The Book

Graeme’s book, ‘Surviving The Shitstorm’, is an important condensed version of ‘The PTSD Survival Guide’.

Released early in lieu of the growing amount of suicides occurring globally, including one of Graeme’s paramedic colleagues back in the UK.

A short, easy to read guide, for those experiencing Post Traumatic Stress to get you stable and into a good mental place in order to permanently rid yourself of PTS.

Drawing on his personal experience of recovery, Graeme has developed a systematic; easy to follow approach to recovery he is confident works.

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